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What is the meaning of “INTSIKA”?

Intsika is a word used both in Xhosa and Zulu for the strongest pole or poles that supports the structure of a traditional African hut.  The literal translation is “Our pillar” or “Our Pillars”.  Words that are associated with INTSIKA are “strength” and “support”.  The word resonates with township communities on an emotional and cultural level.  Intsika Community Development Association (ICDA) came about through the coming together of people with the same heart who have all gone through the fire, and in some cases, more than once.

Through various learning accumulated over a few years it became apparent that there is the need for a financial vehicle to achieve our goals.  And that is how ICDA came about for communities as the potential catalyst between “Supply” and “Demand”.  ICDA's output and impact comes from its individual members who contribute their time, money and expertise in areas of education, healthcare, housing, trade, small/medium businesses and agriculture in order to bring real change to people's lives.  Our slogan is “BE THE CHANGE”; because each individual member of ICDA is regarded as a catalyst of change, thereby being an Intsika themselves.

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